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Kyle McLusky is the youngest McLusky son. He is a police officer trying to become a trooper. As a way to distance himself from the mayhem and corruption of working in Kingstown, Kyle is close to getting a transfer to the Michigan State Police. Kyle is also married to Tracy and is expecting their first son.


Early Life[]

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Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

In The Mayor of Kingstown, Kyle is getting ready to leave his house when he gets a call. He tells the person on the other line that he is on his way. But he needs to go to the station first. However his wife Tracy isn’t too thrilled that he picked up a shift an hour before their dinner reservations. Eventually, the three McLusky brothers gather outside the police station and drive off to their destination. Mike and Kyle find the $200,000 of Milo Sunter’s money buried without any trouble. To which Kyle jokes that it was quite anticlimactic. But Mike explains that is how he likes it. At Mitch’s office, Mike and Kyle deposit the bag of money from Milo’s hiding spot. Kyle tries to hurry up his brother as his real shift is starting in a bit. Later, Mike, Kyle and Mariam are informed about what happened to Mitch.

In The End Begins, alone bird chirps on the ground as it eats a worm coming out of dirt, Mike sits alone. A little further in the distance, Kyle is putting his wife inside the car, and then looks at his older brother still sitting down after the funeral. At the memorial service, one of the cops asks Kyle if Mike is keeping office now that Mitch is gone. Another cop asks out loud if Mike will keep Rebecca on as the secretary. Eventually, one of the other police officers offers his condolences to Kyle. But the youngest of the McLusky brothers waves off the apology; saying how he doesn’t expect everyone to be talking about what a great guy Mitch was. He understands that in a place like Kingstown, they likely are talking about their mortgage rate, or when Kingstown is going to get a country club. In the end, everybody misses everybody. Later, the McLuskys put away the plates and leftover food from Mitch’s memorial service. Eventually, as they are getting ready for bed, Kyle admits to his wife that he doesn’t feel sad. Outside, Kyle points out how ridiculous it was of Mike to set fire to his office to clean it rather than moving to a new one. Kyle then points out how Mike is not married, and thus has nothing tying him down to Kingstown. He also doesn’t owe anybody anything, which means Mike has no real reason to take on being the new mayor. All Mike says is that he is simply tyin’ up some loose ends because Mitch left behind a lot of them. All Kyle says to his brother is to not let weeks become years because he won’t get them back.

In The Price, while in front of a class of college students instead of inmates, Mariam lectures about early colonial travel to the western part of the U.S. After her class, Mike approaches his mom. It is while still on the campus that Mariam tells Mike that his brother's wife is pregnant after punching and slapping Mike for his ignorance about the situation, right in public and surrounded by students. She suggests that Mike help Kyle make the right choice and take a different job away from the family business; one that is less likely to leave his wife a widow. The bear that has been around Mike's cabin runs when Kyle drives up. The two brothers sit on the porch drinking and talking about Kyle's future. Kyle is hesitant about accepting the safer job offer in Benton Harbor, and as much as he and Mike always talk about getting out, he thinks this opportunity may not be the right one. Later, when Mike calls Kyle, he finds that Kyle is at a pizza place that's being cased. Kyle has Ian come through the back door to take out what they think is an addict who's about to rob the place, but when the owner opens fire they take him down instead.

In Orion, Kyle and Ian Ferguson are being grilled about their involvement, with the higher-ups worried about the legality of the shooting. Mike implicitly trusts his brother and immediately steps in to try to get everyone to view this as a drug bust. Though initially some investigators are hesitant as no drugs had yet been found, everyone seems to bow to Mike's idea. Later, while Mike is enjoying a hockey game, the police department grab Carlos Jimenez off the street. Kyle and Ian seem on the outs with the rest of the department, who worry that their involvement will turn this operation into a shooting too.

In Every Feather, Mike takes Kyle and Ian to the bar to beat up Milo's representative, promising to do much worse if anything else happens to Iris. When Kyle arrives home, his mother confronts him about the shooting at the pizzeria. She's angry that he should be on administrative leave but is still wearing a gun and a badge. Kyle for his part, pushes back and threatens to move, and Miriam responds that he's obviously been with Mike, which is why he's talking that way. She implores Kyle to think about his unborn child and to eschew Mike's incredibly dangerous lifestyle.

In Along Came a Spider, Mike reports to the FBI and police about the death of their agent and the kidnapping of Iris. Mike's brother, Kyle follows him out of the meeting to question whether they're at fault for what's happened, or if it's related to the money they dug up that led to Mitch's death. Mike says he'll figure it all out but tells Kyle to keep the agents off of him, that he can't do anything with a tail. Kyle joins Mike at his cabin, bringing with him dinner despite claiming that he never sees Mike eat. The two share beers on the porch and talk about the favor that Milo needs. Kyle warns him that it's clearly a set-up, despite the fact that Milo says they can take the FBI tail with them when they go. The brothers talk about how they only get to tread water, how there's no respite for them only constant work. Kyle shares with Mike that his wife Tracy's pregnant. Mike says Kyle should stop hanging out with him, echoing their mother's warning about Mike's line of work.

In The Devil is Us, The police have joined Mike in the field to uncover the metal box that Milo directed him to dig up. As it turns out, it is not a box, but rather an entire school bus, buried whole under the ground. Ian and Kyle go inside the bus only to discover 26 bodies suspended from the ceiling. The police abandon the crime scene, retching, and say they'll do their initial investigation at the morgue.

In The Lie of the Truth, Kyle tries to rush out of the house, ignoring his mother's request to join her and his wife for breakfast. Mariam gets angry at his refusal to participate in family moments and tries to offer advice. As it turns out, Kyle recently missed the ultrasound where his wife found out they were having a son, who is due on February 29. Kyle complains he has no good choices, but his mom points out that the ones he has made keep pulling him away from the things he loves. Eventually, Kyle suggests they name their son Mitch, after his murdered brother. Later, Kyle and Ian arrive at the prison to oversee the transfer of Milo; handing over an abundance of weapons they brought with them, including brass knuckles. When Kyle and Ian arrive to pick up Milo, they are stopped in the same room as the shackled P-Dog and a number of custodial workers who appear to be friends of the inmate. Before the cops have a chance to grab their target and get out of there, the inmates go on the offensive. They beat the cops and guards, tasing them and using pepper spray, while Milo looks on. Eventually, Kyle and Ian get up from their beatings. Ian pours Red Bull into Kyle's hands so he can wash the pepper spray out of his eyes and the two move deeper inside the prison to find a place to hide. Kyle and Ian make their way into what appears to be the sewer passages. They find a group of inmates hiding in the same place, afraid of retribution from other inmates now that they have guns to settle old scores. Outside, an explosion rocks the building.

In This Piece of My Soul, after Mike leaves to head back into town and returns to an area with cell service, he discovers his phone is full of messages from his work and family. After turning on the radio, he finds out about the prison riot and the trapped guards, Mike speaks with his mother, who is worried about Kyle not returning. The police get cell service back online, and Kyle is able to text Mike to let his brother know that he's alive and so that they can track his position. With surveillance technology and information from Kyle and Ian themselves, the police are able to put together a SWAT team with a plan to extricate the men. The SWAT team prepares to head into the sewers beneath the prison to extract Mike and Ian. Mike tells the police that he thinks the prisoners are after payback. Meanwhile, Milo breaks into the guards' lockers in search of a uniform to wear and Kyle has a panic attack in the sewers. As some prisoners pass, calling out for them, Kyle hyperventilates and gives away their position. Mike and Kyle are finally reunited in the yard. They hug for a while before Mike tells him that they should save the rest of their reunion for later, apparently trying not to show vulnerability in public.