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Iris is a smooth-talking escort who at first works for Milo and the Russian Mafia to seduce and bribe government officials. Iris is originally brought into Kingstown in an attempt to control Mike.


Early Life[]

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Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

In The End Begins, Milo Sunter asks Joseph where Iris is, to which his employee states that she is currently in New York. Milo then orders Joseph to send her into Kingstown to get the job done. Then in New York, Iris gets dressed and puts her bra back on. She then tells the older man on the bed that she has got to go. She then gets a call from Joseph saying to come to Kingstown because he told her to.

In The Price,when Mike calls into his own office to let his assistant Rebecca know he won't be in, he learns that there's only one person waiting for him. After they hang up, this sole visitor is revealed to be Iris, the sex worker that Milo called into Kingstown from New York. As she leaon Mike.ves, Iris tells Rebecca that she's beautiful, a kind deed for what must be thankless work.Finally, Mike makes it back into his office, Iris gets a chance to meet with him at last. She tells Mike that Milo wants to make up and offers him her body as amends. Mike gets angry at the prospect and tells her that this town is full of wolves that will destroy her. He turns her down but has her tell Milo that they had fun.

In Orion, Iris arrives at the local Kingstown strip club where she's supposed to work while in town. Though she is a sex worker, she's not accustomed to dancing. According to Milo, sex workers walk the street in Kingstown, as opposed to the posh New York life Iris had previously been living. The men in charge of the strip club then make her undress to decide if she'll work out for them. Later, when she is encouraged to wear a G-string instead of dancing nude in order to leave a little mystery, Iris for her part says that the only mysterious thing about the human body is the eyes.

In Every Feather, On his way to Bunny's, Mike gets an unexpected call from Iris. At the strip club, the owner explains that Iris doesn't even have to dance, she just hypnotizes clients and talks with them. Despite this unique method, she's making bank. Milo's representative however, is mad that Iris is putting so much energy into her cover story and not making headway on Mike. In the private room of the strip club, he tells Iris that Mike might be drawn to help out a broken angel, so he beats her up and takes a hammer to her hand after telling her not to scream. Iris then takes her broken body to Mike, who as expected takes pity on her. While he refuses to do what Milo wants, he has his assistant take her to the hospital and promises to address Milo so that nothing like this happens to Iris again. Mike then takes Kyle and Ian to the bar to beat up Milo's representative, promising to do much worse if anything else happens to Iris.After helping her get bandaged at the hospital, Rebecca takes Iris back to Mike's office. She tells Mike her sordid past, filled with sexual abuse and trauma, and claims that she's already been broken by Kingstown. Mike tells her it gets worse, and asks Rebecca to stay with her overnight because he still doesn't trust Iris.

The next morning, the FBI agents that Mike works as an informant for show Iris pictures of a number of important New York politicians and she identifies which ones she's been paid to sleep with. When one of the agents gets snide with Iris, Mike pushes back and gets angry at his treatment, claiming that this is why victims don't come forward. The other agents ask the mouthy one to leave, but still force Iris to undress so they can photograph her wounds. As they finish talking with her, Iris identifies a New York FBI Agent as having paid to have sex with her as well. While Iris is meeting with the FBI agents, Mike gets a call from Milo in prison asking Mike to meet him in a park in an hour. There, a strange woman approaches Mike and offers her cell phone to video chat with Milo. He threatens to skin Iris alive and send it to Mike if he doesn't do Milo a favor. When Mike still hesitates, the stranger shows Mike the tracker in her body. When Mike gets back to his office, the police are there searching for bombs. Mike had his assistant Rebecca leave the office and run when he figured out that Milo knew how to find Iris, but the FBI agents weren't so lucky. When Mike's allowed back in, he finds the agents murdered on the floor, with a message scrawled in blood on his wall threatening to destroy his angel Iris' every feather.

In Along Came a Spider, Mike reports to the FBI and police about the death of their agent and the kidnapping of Iris. Eventually, Mike heads to the prison to visit with Milo in person. Milo repeats his request for a favor from Mike but Mike only seems worried about the fate of Iris and ensuring that Milo stays in prison or dies. Milo tells Mike that Iris failed to do her job so she's going back to her old job, but he's glad to know that the way to get to Mike is to break an angel. At a secret house, Milo's crew have hidden away Iris apparently with the help of an FBI agent. The agent prepares himself to get beaten up to avoid suspicion, but Milo's crew instead shoots him, catching his body in a tarp and lowering it slowly to the ground. Iris is then taken to the back room of a house party where the Duke sits. She's offered up as a gift to him as punishment for her failure with Mike, and the Duke and his group all claim dibs on her body. Meanwhile, Iris wakes up in the new house she's been given to, clearly and understandably upset. She tries to leave through an open door but is waylaid by one of the Duke's men who tries to feed her breakfast before taking her to the shower.

In The Devil is Us, Iris lays out on a bed in some house. Later, Duke gives Mike the address of his house where he and his confederates have been holed up with Iris, who is now so broken from the trauma of repeated sexual assault that they need to drug her to stop her from crying. With Iris compliant in her drugged-out state, Duke sells her to another gang who leaves just as Mike arrives at the house. With Iris compliant in her drugged-out state, Duke sells her to another gang who leaves just as Mike arrives at the house. When Mike goes to collect Iris, he goes inside Bunny's place for the first time and sees it's filled with children and family. Bunny says he has something for the gang that did this to Iris, but Mike says he's got something for them too. Mike drives to Duke's place and gets confirmation from Iris that this was the man responsible. Mike shoots him where he stands without a second thought, then enters the house and shoots everyone else, making good on his threats from earlier. He also steals a water bottle for Iris.

Mike takes Iris to his cabin in the woods, calling it a safe place for her. But Mike also tells her that no place will be safe as long as she has Milo's tracker embedded in her and he asks if she's comfortable with him removing it. Iris asks if he knows how to do this and Mike tells her that he's learned how from lack of options. Mike cuts into her hip and has to dig deep to remove the tracker with no way to numb the pain. Iris claims that, after what she's just been through, she's numb enough for it. As they finish driving to the cabin, Iris jokes about this being a strange date before revealing that she's never been on a date. The two share a fleeting moment of joy as they drive through an area with no cell service, but Iris remarks that even this small joy will soon fade.

In The Lie of the Truth, still at the cabin, Mike makes breakfast by whisking some eggs and measures flour for German pancakes for himself and Iris. Later, Mike checks in on Iris, who tells him that no matter how much she scrubs, she can't get rid of the residue from the people who assaulted her. The two sit down for the home-cooked breakfast that Mike made, only Mike's already eaten and Iris says she can't eat in front of Mike. After Mike leaves to wait out Iris' breakfast on the porch, Iris comes out to join him and the two chat about bird names and Mike becoming a chef. Iris asks Mike for a favor, which turns out to be holding her, fully clothed, in bed while she sobs herself to sleep. Oblivious to the nightmare unfolding in Kingstown, Mike watches Iris bathe at her request. She tells him how bathing de-mystifies and de-sexualizes the human body and that she's glad Mike's there. He tells her that she doesn't owe him anything, and that he killed those men because they deserved to die and not to win Iris' favor. She says she's had a hundred guys swear they'd die for her but none that would kill. When Mike asks what they're doing there, she says they're not doing anything, clearly meaning that even if she feels that she owes Mike, that this debt won't be paid with sex. A sense of calm comradery between the two as Mike puts his arm around Iris' shoulder while she leans against him.

In This Piece of My Soul, at the cabin, the bear that's been troubling Mike approaches while Iris stands on the porch. She retreats inside, crying and scared, to grab a knife and stands guard, once more on edge. fter reuniting with his mom on the outside, Mike returns to Iris and his cabin. Crouched on the floor and still brandishing a knife, she tells him that what was taken from her she can never get back, that she can't ever be whole again after her assault. Mike relates to this, even when Iris says that the only options are to live with part of you missing or to finish what was started.