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Ian Ferguson is a senior narcotics, robbery and homicide detective for the Kingstown Police Department.


Early Life[]

As a result of living and working in Kingstown, he's become a seasoned, hard-nosed detective for the Kingstown Police Department and is currently Kyle's partner.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

In The End Begins,at the memorial service for Mitch, Ian says how they have been to way too many of these memorial services. He then states that this isn’t the place in which you miss a guy, but rather you gotta do it on your own.

In The Price, when Mike calls Kyle, he finds that Kyle is at a pizza place that's being cased. Kyle has Ian come through the back door to take out what they think is an addict who's about to rob the place, but when the owner opens fire they take him down instead.

In Orion, Kyle and Ian are being grilled about their involvement, with the higher-ups worried about the legality of the shooting. Mike implicitly trusts his brother and immediately steps in to try to get everyone to view this as a drug bust. Though initially some investigators are hesitant as no drugs had yet been found, everyone seems to bow to Mike's idea. Later, while Mike is enjoying a hockey game, the police department grab Carlos Jimenez off the street. Kyle and Ian seem on the outs with the rest of the department, who worry that their involvement will turn this operation into a shooting too.

In Every Feather, Mike takes Kyle and Ian to the bar to beat up Milo Sunter's representative, promising to do much worse if anything else happens to Iris.

In The Devil is Us, Ian and Kyle go inside the bus only to discover 26 bodies suspended from the ceiling. The police abandon the crime scene, retching, and say they'll do their initial investigation at the morgue.

In The Lie of the Truth, Kyle and Ian arrive at the prison to oversee the transfer of Milo, handing over an abundance of weapons they brought with them, including brass knuckles. When Kyle and Ian arrive to pick up Milo, they are stopped in the same room as the shackled P-Dog and a number of custodial workers who appear to be friends of the inmate. Before the cops have a chance to grab their target and get out of there, the inmates go on the offensive. They beat the cops and guards, tasing them and using pepper spray, while Milo looks on. Kyle and Ian get up from their beatings. Ian pours Red Bull into Kyle's hands so he can wash the pepper spray out of his eyes and the two move deeper inside the prison to find a place to hide. Eventually, Kyle and Ian make their way into what appears to be the sewer passages. They find a group of inmates hiding in the same place, afraid of retribution from other inmates now that they have guns to settle old scores.

In This Piece of My Soul, the police get cell service back online, and Kyle is able to text Mike to let his brother know that he's alive and so that they can track his position. With surveillance technology and information from Kyle and Ian themselves, the police are able to put together a SWAT team with a plan to extricate the men. The SWAT team prepares to head into the sewers beneath the prison to extract Mike and Ian.