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"Every Feather" is the sixth episode of the Paramount+ series, Mayor of Kingstown[1]. It aired on December 12, 2021.


When a fight breaks out on the yard, Sam finds himself in trouble again. Milo goes to extreme lengths to get what he wants. Mike sends a message.[1]


In the prison yard, some inmates start a gang-based fight with dozens of participants. Looking on from the tower,Sam, the young guard who beat up an inmate some time back, sounds the alarm and fires tear gas at the brawlers. After some warning bullets from a rifle, three inmates remain standing, two of whom are stabbing a third. The guard shoots to kill and hits the stabbed and dying inmate instead of any of the aggressors.

Later, the higher-ups at this Kingstown prison go on to discuss what to do about the fight from earlier. Since the guard didn't have the shooting skills for the tower, where he was stationed for his own protection, they decided to move him to the women's prison. As punishment for the fight itself, they decide to lock down the prison, which includes shutting down the inmates' illicit mobile phones.

As a result of the lockdown, Mike then receives calls from representatives of almost every group imaginable from gang leader to guard and declaring in the process that they need to talk. On his way to Bunny's, Mike also gets an unexpected call from Iris. Upon arrival, Mike learns that Bunny is angry about the lockdown but also about the guard shooting one of his men three times while he was being stabbed. He claims his men are hungry for retribution and will try to kill the guard outside of the prison, but Mike manages to convince Bunny to try to intercede.

Duke, whose gang started the fight, is Mike's next stop, and he also tells the Mayor that the guards need to drop the lockdown. Like Bunny, Duke also promises to exact retribution outside of the prison, threatening guards in their own homes. When Mike tells the guards that the gangs are ready to declare war on the guards if they don't lift the lockdown, they claim that they cannot bend and have to keep pushing.

At the strip club, the owner explains that Iris doesn't even have to dance, she just hypnotizes clients and talks with them. Despite this unique method, she's making bank. Milo Sunter's representative is mad that Iris is putting so much energy into her cover story and not making headway on Mike. In the private room of the strip club, he tells Iris that Mike might be drawn to help out a broken angel, so he beats her up and takes a hammer to her hand after telling her not to scream.

Iris takes her broken body to Mike, who as expected takes pity on her. While he refuses to do what Milo wants, he has his assistant take her to the hospital and promises to address Milo so that nothing like this happens to Iris again. Mike then takes Kyle and Ian to the bar to beat up Milo's representative, promising to do much worse if anything else happens to Iris.

After helping her get bandaged at the hospital, Rebecca takes Iris back to Mike's office. She tells Mike her sordid past, filled with sexual abuse and trauma, and claims that she's already been broken by Kingstown. Mike tells her it gets worse, and asks Rebecca to stay with her overnight because he still doesn't trust Iris.

When Kyle arrives home, his mother confronts him about the shooting at the pizzeria. She's angry that he should be on administrative leave but is still wearing a gun and a badge. Kyle for his part, pushes back and threatens to move, and Mariam responds that he's obviously been with Mike, which is why he's talking that way. She implores Kyle to think about his unborn child and to eschew Mike's incredibly dangerous lifestyle.

The next morning, the FBI agents that Mike works as an informant show Iris pictures of a number of important New York politicians and she identifies which ones she's been paid to sleep with. When one of the agents gets snide with Iris, Mike pushes back and gets angry at his treatment, claiming that this is why victims don't come forward. The other agents ask the mouthy one to leave, but still force Iris to undress so they can photograph her wounds. As they finish talking with her, Iris identifies a New York FBI Agent as having paid to have sex with her as well.

While Iris is meeting with the FBI agents, Mike gets a call from Milo in prison asking Mike to meet him in a park in an hour. There, a strange woman approaches Mike and offers her cell phone to video chat with Milo. He threatens to skin Iris alive and send it to Mike if he doesn't do Milo a favor. When Mike still hesitates, the stranger shows Mike the tracker in her body.

When Mike gets back to his office, the police are there searching for bombs. Mike had his assistant Rebecca leave the office and run when he figured out that Milo knew how to find Iris, but the FBI agents weren't so lucky. When Mike's allowed back in, he finds the agents murdered on the floor, with a message scrawled in blood on his wall threatening to destroy his angel Iris' every feather.

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Guest starring[]


  • Ryan Rosery as Latrell
  • George Tchortov as Joseph the Russian
  • Mandela Van Peebles as Sam
  • Scott Gibson as Agent Aldrich
  • Tony Nappo as Craig
  • Zoé Doyle as Agent Perry
  • Paul Popowich as Agent Hastings
  • Azaria Pynappls Nikolajev as Exotic Dancer #2
  • Kristen Pepper as Exotic Dancer #3
  • Eman Hillawi as Exotic Dancer #5
  • Aneesa Badshaw as Exotic Dancer #6
  • Jasmattie Mukutnauth as Exotic Dancer #7


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