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Deverin "Bunny" Washington is the head of the Crips and a drug dealer in Kingstown. Bunny spends his days sitting on a lawn chair selling drugs he has in coolers next to him out in the open. Bunny also has a good relationship with Mike and is the closest thing to a friend that Mike has.


Early Life[]

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Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

In The Mayor of Kingstown, Mitch McLusky ends up working out a deal with Bunny, and as Mitch and Mike leave, Bunny jokes that if it weren't for the McLusky brothers, they would all be dead. Later, Mitch reminds Mike how they have to do that FedEx job for Bunny.

In The End Begins, Mike’s cell phone rings, and he picks up. On the other side of the phone call, Bunny gives his condolences, and mentions how he feels bad for him, and that he is sure everybody is going to miss his brother. Later, Mike drives right through the fence and forces Bunny to write a letter and have it on his desk by the end of the day to get back the power he lost inside the prison. Once he gets the letter, he gives a call for things to go back to normal inside the prison and drives off. Later, two FBI agents ask Mike point blank about why he detonated a concussion grenade and brandished a firearm in the Commons where Bunny and his gang reside. That night, Mike arrives and gives Bunny a new chair as an apology for the one he broke. The two sit down and have a couple of beers. Mike then vents to Bunny about the execution he was at earlier that day. Bunny admits that he has never seen an execution. He further admits that there are worse ways one could go. Mike isn’t so sure. Bunny then mentions how in all thirty-seven years, he has never celebrated Christmas in his life. He then points out how you’re born, you suffer, and then you die. Sometimes you even die young. He tells Mike he is just like him and the other criminals because once you’ve been in the jaws of the beast, someday, he is going to finish his meal.

In Simply Murder, Bunny laughingly mentions to Mike that every criminal involved in the murder will be milking that debt forever from the cops in Kingstown.

In The Price, Bunny calls Mike to get him to come over for a discussion, preferably with White Castle. Mike tells him that an FBI van is listening to their in-person conversations so they could just as easily talk on the phone, but agrees to come in person anyway. Bunny then says that his guys inside want payment for their role in helping to kill the child murderer, but Mike pushes back. He tells Bunny that the guards are going to loosen up on things in the prison for a while but that no one can be asked for these specific favors. When Mike arrives at Pete's office later, he throws a trash can through the plate glass window to announce his presence. Mike tells Pete, as he told Bunny, that there are no favors. The guards will loosen things up but there's no list of people getting handouts for their involvement.

In Orion, Mike and Bunny meet to discuss the growing number of problems the two men have encountered since Kenny's murder. Bunny complains that the guards are overstepping by feeding his crew feces, which Mike brushes off. He claims that he warned everyone about the fallout from working together to beat the child murderer to death, but also suggests that if they're complaining to Bunny then at least they aren't complaining about Bunny himself. Mike then asks Bunny to let go of Duchard's little brother, who as it turns out is a straight-A student and did turn his life around after involving himself in the gang. Bunny initially says that this life isn't something you can quit, like the boy scouts, but then agrees to let the younger guy go and hang onto Duchard himself. Mike also asks Bunny to ask around inside the prison and see what he can dig up on Parker so that Mike can use it to leverage a confession on his involvement in murdering the attorney's daughter. Bunny then asks for a favor in return, which is that he wants Mike to take his nephew Hakim to his hockey game, because Bunny himself can't leave. On their way, Hakim talks about how he wants to escape Kingstown and play for the Detroit Red Wings. Mike tells him that Detroit's just down the street and he should dream of someplace further away, like Tampa, Florida. Later, Mike and Bunny sit down to drink 40s together, with Mike complaining about the parents at the hockey game and Bunny impressed by how Mike responded. Bunny tells Mike that everyone else in his family is dead and laments what it means to be a Black man in present day America and what freedom is truly available to them. The two men then end up discussing the constellations they can see, with Mike describing how humans have looked up at these same constellations for thousands of years.

In Every Feather, as a result of the lockdown, Mike receives calls from representatives of almost every group imaginable from gang leader to guard and declaring in the process that they need to talk. On his way to Bunny's, Mike also gets an unexpected call from Iris. Upon arrival, Mike learns that Bunny is angry about the lockdown but also about the guard shooting one of his men three times while he was being stabbed. He claims his men are hungry for retribution and will try to kill the guard outside of the prison, but Mike manages to convince Bunny to try to intercede.

In Along Came a Spider, as he is driving Rebecca's car over to Bunny, Mike asks him if he's ever worked with Milo's crew. Bunny says he would never, and calls the gang crazy before encouraging Mike to confront his problems instead of letting them fester.

In The Devil is Us, Mike meets with Bunny to see if the peace brokered at the prison is real. Bunny puts on a good front, telling Mike that everything's good, but as Mike walks away Bunny drops his air of nonchalance. Duke, whose gang started the fight, is Mike's next stop, and he also tells the Mayor that the guards need to drop the lockdown. Like Bunny, Duke also promises to exact retribution outside of the prison, threatening guards in their own homes. Mike gets a call from Bunny saying that they've found something that belongs to him. When Mike goes to collect Iris, he goes inside Bunny's place for the first time and sees it's filled with children and family. Bunny says he has something for the gang that did this to Iris, but Mike says he's got something for them too.